My Favourite Bass Recordings…So Far!

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of some great musical projects over the years being a musician. Here I’ve compiled some of my favourite tracks that I’ve recorded bass on. Some of the tracks are with artists I’ve been lucky to work with, whilst others are simply just some great covers of popular songs! Either way, theres some great bass recordings here and I’m immensely proud of it. In many tracks the bass is recorded live with a band in one take!

Best heard with headphones!

These studio recordings were a great experience for me and there’s more information on my sites page!

Same - Dennie Touré

Fracas - Soda Cat

Soul On Fire - Luke Lucas

Marshall - Annabel Maria

Butterfly - Soda Cat

Night With You - Dirtbag By Association (DBA)

Always Come Down To You - Luke Lucas

Where Now - Soda Cat

Queen Of California Cover - John Mayer

Sledgehammer Cover - The Club Classics Band

Magnolia Cover - JJ Cale (As performed by John Mayer / Eric Clapton)

If you’ve got a track that needs some bass recording then contact me! Visit my remote recording page for more information.

My Favourite Bass Covers

Whilst these aren’t recorded with a band, I just had to include these cover videos!

#41 - Dave Mathews Band - Victor Wooten Solo

Before You Go Cover - Lyle Mays

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