How to Master the Electric Bass For Lefties!



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Please note that this book is the same as ‘How to Master the Electric Bass.’ Whereas the original book had illustrations for standard right-handed basses, this book ‘How to Master the Electric Bass For Lefties!’ has illustrations tailored for left-handed basses.


This is the bass guitar book for left-handed bassists! It is for any serious bass player, from beginner to advanced. If you’re new to bass, this book will surely fast track your progression, and if you’re a seasoned pro, I’m certain that you’ll pick up some useful knowledge!


  • A set-up guide to help you play more efficiently, comfortably and better sounding. There’s also a detailed section on gear, strings, amps, speakers and effects pedals.
  •  50+ exercises with audio tracks, detailing playing methods such as fingerstyle, plectrum and slap!
  • A dedicated chapter to help you master the fretboard in every key centre, allowing you to expand and eventually get away from box shapes.
  • A section on rhythm to help you understand note values, metre and playing with ‘feel.’
  • After getting all the notes under your fingers, we can then put them into context through understanding scales and harmony, where I go through music theory in a logical and precise way that anyone could understand. After this section, you’ll be able to have a conscious understanding of the relationship between notes, making it easier for you to communicate your ideas musically and engage more with the harmony members in your band.

Having been through many years of music education and learning how to play the electric bass, I feel like I’ve been taught somewhat backwards! For instance, I’ve met many musicians who kept learning advanced concepts before they’ve even grasped the basics! It seems to me like they were learning things without even knowing what it is they’re trying to accomplish, which is just crazy! If you’re learning something as complex as music, you can’t possibly build knowledge on top of confusion.

I made this book to bring clarity to the confusion of music, made worse by the wealth of information on the internet. I’ve built the knowledge up from the beginning, and I’m teaching you in order how you should be taught. From defining what music is? To explaining the modes from the melodic minor and what chords to use them over.

This book would’ve saved me years of learning if there was one like it when I picked up the instrument!

‘It is a great book for beginners to get into bass playing with a teacher, and it is a very good reference for the intermediate and advanced player for fretboard knowledge and harmony.’ – Roth Academy

The bass guitar book, for left-handed bassists!
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