Bass Transcription Service

Get your bass transcription project outsourced, and it will be completed and delivered quickly and remotely online.

Accurate Bass Transcription Service

If you’re struggling to work out the notes to a song, or just don’t have the time, use my bass transcription services! I can accurately work out the exact notes and rhythms for any song. The sheet music can be completely tailored to your preferences:

  • Standard notation
  • TAB
  • Standard notation and TAB

Do not be reluctant to share with us any unique characteristics of your bass: Four, five, or six strings; unconventional tuning, etc. We produce 100% unique transcriptions. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll make it happen.

Every note is individually transcribed by myself, and I always offer the sheet music or tab that best meets your requirements. The process is fully hassle-free and expertly managed by myself, an experience bassist.

I aim to deliver the highest calibre transcriptions and the greatest customer service. 

On demand, revisions, amendments, and transpositions are available. I value your satisfaction greatly, and what to ensure that you’re fully happy with the service.

Why Bass Guitar Transcription Services Makes Perfect Sense!




Cost Effective

Get Quality Results


For other examples of my transcription work, you can visit my Youtube channel! where I’ve posted cover videos.

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