Growing up in the pleasant green lands of Suffolk, Howard attended the Royal Hospital School, where he developed his passion for music. From experimenting with instruments such as the french horn in orchestras to beating the bass drum in a marching band, he fell in love with the bass guitar! The school was very musical and wasn’t only limited to the musical department as he even found himself jamming blues along with his history and geography teachers! 

After school, he decided to expand his playing abilities and began his higher education at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Here, under the tutelage of Kevin Glasgow (Tommy Smith, Tim Garland), Arron McSporran (Virvum, Mark Letteri), Sandy Beales (One Direction, Wheatus, Loick Essien), Brian Henry (Soul II Soul, Shola Ama, Incognito) and amongst other great tutors, he learnt how to perfect his craft.

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Howard has extensive experience in live music. Whilst at university he played with everyone he could, including at one point playing with over ten bands! He also ended up playing at his graduation ceremony in G Live, Guildford. Howard has also had great experiences with function bands and regularly performs at weddings and various private events.

After completing his degree in Music Industry Practice (Bass Performance), he decided to become a teacher himself. He began the thought process of determining how he would go about teaching such a complex subject that music is. The 2020 lockdown had also hit during this time halting all live events and opportunities to play music. So whilst locked inside, he decided to spend his time wisely by perfecting his teaching methods, writing a book, and studying a Masters degree in International Events Management (MSc), which he achieved a Distinction in.

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‘I am a versatile player who can competently match the ‘feel’ and perform a variety of techniques and playing styles to suit a particular song. I love listening and playing to all types of music, which has caused me to have an expansive musical palette and catalogue of suitable tones. The bass guitar is my main instrument but I can also play synth bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar. I have finished writing a book that assists anyone wanting to learn the electric bass, it is titled ‘How To Master The Electric Bass.’ I have experience working with large bands that require sight-reading music notation, as well as performing alongside many up and coming artists.’


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