The Ultimate Music Theory Book: For Treble Clef

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“This book will save you ££££’s in tuition fees”


Recommended Listening • A definition of Music • Understanding Rhythms • Understanding Scales and Harmony • How to Analyse Music • Interval Ear Training • Songwriting


Guaranteed to improve your Music Theory or your money back


Find music theory complicated? You’re not alone! I’ve met many musicians who kept trying to learn advanced concepts before they had even grasped the basics! It seems they were attempting things without knowing what they were trying to accomplish, which is just crazy! If you’re learning something as complex as music, you can’t possibly build knowledge on top of confusion! In this book we gradually build up knowledge step by step, ensuring we have a solid foundation to then progress further. I break each complicated concept into simple bitesize chunks, written in a sequence to maximize understanding.


“Perfect for Producers, Musicians, Songwriters and Artists”

175 pages

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1 review for The Ultimate Music Theory Book: For Treble Clef

  1. Sam

    The knowledge in this book is priceless….it’s a steal!

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