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From experienced teacher and musician, Howard Head.

'How To Master The Electric Bass,' is a bass guitar book that includes everything you need to master the instrument!

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Wished you could learn the bass guitar without spending hours trying to find the answers or spending ££££s on lessons or courses?

Then these bass guitar books may be for you! 

I recommend starting on my first book ‘How to Master the Electric Bass‘ where I teach you:

  • An essential listening list for the main genres
  • A vital equipment guide detailing what you need to play bass guitar
  • How to set up a bass guitar that’s suited for your playing style
  • How to play the bass guitar, using different playing techniques (fingerstyle, plectrum, slap)
  • How to memorise the fretboard and have complete freedom in your playing
  • Understanding rhythms and how to count them
  • Understanding scales and harmony in a way that’s logical and easy to follow (very useful for analysing tunes or coming up with chord progressions!)

I’ve spent countless painful hours and 10+ years of dedicated learning and wrote it down in this book so that you can hopefully shortcut your learning journey and achieve results quicker! 

You can even read the first 30 pages for free by signing up for my email list (don’t worry, I seldom send emails and only send ones that I know you’d appreciate!)

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You can buy the book as an ebook (PDF) or paperback. If you buy the paperback, you also get the ebook!

Once you’ve bought a bass guitar book, you can message me via email anytime, and I can answer any questions you may have about music. If you’re struggling with something technical, we can see about organising a lesson, which could be held online over Zoom, or if you live in London, a face-to-face session is doable!

I think it’s important to offer some form of personal learning support, as no one will be at the same level as anyone else. Everyone is on a different journey and will have different requirements.

However, the book is extremely thorough, and I guarantee that you’ll improve your bass playing, or you can have your money back! Just try it out and see if it could benefit you!

Bass Guitar Book 2

Once you’ve become an absolute wizard and gained complete mastery of your instrument from reading book 1, I have book 2 to continue your journey!

Mastering the Language of Music: Interval Ear Training’ will:

  • Improve your understanding of pitches, chords, melodies, scales and modes.
  • Improve your improvising skills. Get out of finger paralysis!
  • Help you interact with other musicians more easily
  • Ensure you always know what scales to play on top of different chords
  • Encourage you to play what you feel
  • Stimulate you to use intervals to construct better melodies
  • Aid you identify chords by ear

The first book teaches you how to play your instrument; however, this book teaches you how to play and hear music as a language. 

The point is this. Once we’ve learnt how to speak, we can’t expect to be instantly fluent in that language. We must first learn the language and understand its construction by analysing the building blocks. Then after better understanding, the goal is to become more comprehensible through practice. Of course, becoming fluent in any language takes time, and this book seeks to give you the practice resources and answers so that you can learn faster!

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