Become a Bass God, Quickly and Easily

I turn confused bass players into bass gods through a simple and logical process.


Want to Learn How to Play Bass Guitar?

But Overwhelmed by the Internet?

I’ve met many other musicians who have tried to improve but never quite managed to.

Why? Because they want to run before they can walk.

They try to learn advanced concepts online before knowing the basics and attempt things without knowing what they are trying to accomplish.

Trust me, if you’re learning something as complex as music, you can’t possibly build knowledge on top of confusion!

I've Got a Simple Solution.


Tuition Book

How to Master the Electric Bass

Beginner - Intermediate


Tuition Book

Mastering the Language of Music




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Beginner - Advanced

I've Spent the Time Uncovering the Mystery of Music, So That You Don't Have To

I’m not going to pretend that I’m the best bass player in the world (or indeed a god!), but over my 15+ years of experience in music, I’ve definitely learnt a thing or two.

If I’d had known these things when I first started, I’d have certainly saved a lot of time!

This is why I have developed a simple logical process in which to learn music and the bass guitar, so that you too can benefit from my learning journey.

Why struggle, when you can find a teacher who’s already made those struggles!

The Benefits

Work smarter, not harder.

Benefit from my ACM Bass Guitar Degree worth £22,200, as well as my 15+ years of private tuition.

The ultimate goal for a musician is to be one with music, create a seamless connection between yourself and your instrument, and fluently, coherently, and artistically speak the language.

Be your own artist, and avoid imitation – this is the key to outperforming your competition and enjoying a long, healthy career in music.

If attending university, you’ll excel in your class due to the advantage you’ll have over your peers. A lot of my teaching material is derived from my time at university!

Without a skilled teacher to explain the content logically and understandably, exams can become memory tests rather than knowledge assessments. This book offers a thorough understanding to help you rely less on memory for exams like ABRSM Grade 5 theory!

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of intense practice to achieve mastery. But not all learning is created equal and if you’re not learning the ‘right’ things, you could practice for countless hours and never be as good as you want to be.

For instance, you may enjoy free Youtube videos. In reality, they don’t really teach you anything and instead act as a hook to get you to sign up for a paid product. It’s marketing in action! Real progress takes a little more than a 10-minute Youtube video, unfortunately.

Become a great musician where you’ll be able to take advantage of new opportunities and new experiences that will last a lifetime.

The Process

1. Learn in a Simple, Logical Process

2. Imitate & Understand in a Way Never Before

3. Impress Your Dog, Friends & Fans!



Online Course Coming Soon!

Prefer to watch a video than read a book? Stay tuned for my next big release!

Guaranteed to Improve Your Knowledge or Your Money Back!

    Pete Roth

    Roth Academy

    "It is a great book for beginners to get into bass playing with a teacher, and it is a very good reference for the intermediate and advanced player for fretboard knowledge and harmony."

      Barend Tromp

      Next Level Slap Bass

      How to master the electric bass is very thorough study for every serious bass students. I recommend this book to everyone picking up the bass, no matter what musical genre you want to play.”

        D Lewis

        Amazon Review

        Comprehensive, articulate, accessible. A wonderfully done course that covers nearly everything you need to know about playing the bass. Recommended.


          Amazon Review

          Great book for a budding Geddy Lee! It is well laid out and describes each section in great detail aided with pictures. This makes it easy to follow and understand and will soon get your fingers running up and down the fret board. If you are thinking about learning to play the bass then I would recommend you buying this book.

            S.C Pearson

            Amazon Review

            Extremely well illustrated book of delights. Useful at any stage of your bass playing experience, it is good both as a guide to playing and as a reference to music scales specific to bass.


            Who Am I?

            I didn’t start off on bass. In fact I started off with the french horn!

            At the Royal Hospital School, Howard was privileged to play with renowned ensembles such as the Royal Marines Band Training Band and The BBC Big Band, and acclaimed saxophonist, Derek Nash. His talent led him to perform at high-profile international events, like the Calgary Stampede, and even before Her Majesty, the Queen, during her visit to Newmarket (source).

            To hone his bass playing skills, Howard enrolled at the renowned Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford post-school. Here, he had the privilege to learn under the mentorship of eminent musicians and teachers like Brian Henry (Soul II Soul, Shola Ama, Incognito), Sandy Beales (One Direction, Wheatus, Loick Essien), Arron McSporran (Virvum, Mark Letteri), and Kevin Glasgow (Tommy Smith, Tim Garland).

            But Howard’s journey didn’t stop at performing. His musical prowess is complemented by a Master’s degree in International Events Management at the University of Brighton, which he attained with distinction, adding another layer to his eclectic portfolio, enabling him to handle the logistic intricacies of the music industry. This unique combination of musical prowess and managerial acumen makes him a valuable asset on and off the stage.

            Further reinforcing his credentials, Howard has been DBS checked – an assurance of his integrity and trustworthiness, crucial for those seeking a safe and secure learning environment. He holds a Grade 8 with Distinction in Bass Guitar from the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT), and has achieved the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 5 music theory, also with distinction. These qualifications serve as testament to his high-level musical knowledge and proficiency.

            Can I Actually Play?

            Listen to my debut album, where I play bass for the Berkshire Blues artist Thomas Heppell.

            I’ve also got lots of other recordings I’ve done, including live recordings with the legendary John Gallen (Queen, Motorhead, Pino Paladino). 

            Explore My Youtube