Bass Blog on Top!


HOME – BLOG Bass Blog on Top! April 20, 2023 Howard I’m writing this post because I’ve got some excellent news to share! A panellist has selected my Bass guitar blog as one of the Top 30 Bass Guitar Blogs on the web! Being featured on this comprehensive list is a great honour, and I encourage you […]

The Best Music Reference Books: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Musician


HOME – BLOG The Best Music Reference Books: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Musician April 12, 2023 Howard Music reference books are invaluable resources for musicians, providing essential knowledge, techniques, and insights into various aspects of music. From music theory to instrument-specific guidance, these books offer a wealth of information to help musicians of all […]

10 Essential Music History Books for Every Music Enthusiast


HOME – BLOG 10 Essential Music History Books for Every Music Enthusiast April 12, 2023 Howard Music history is a vast and fascinating subject, encompassing a wide range of genres, styles, and cultural influences. Whether you’re interested in classical compositions or the evolution of pop and rock music, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be […]

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Guitar Music Book


HOME – BLOG A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Guitar Music Book April 12, 2023 Howard Embarking on the journey to learn the guitar can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect guitar music book to kickstart your learning. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to […]

How to Setup a Bass Guitar


HOME – BLOG How to Setup a Bass Guitar November 14, 2022 Howard You’d be surprised by how much properly setting up a bass can affect the playability and sound. Here’s how to setup a bass guitar to accommodate your playing preferences, to achieve the sound you’re looking for, and some great maintenance tips! The […]

Bass Guitar String Guide


HOME – BLOG Bass Guitar String Guide November 14, 2022 Howard Understanding bass strings can be challenging as there are lots of choices! Here’s my ultimate bass guitar string guide to help you decide what strings would be best for you! Running through every kind of string is a metal core wire that is attached […]

What is Music?


HOME – BLOG What is Music? November 13, 2022 Howard What is music? Is it an art form? Is it a complex mathematical theorum? Is it a universal language?  Perhaps it is all of these, but let’s first have a look at the dictionary definition. Music definition ‘An art of sound in time that expresses […]

How to Boost Your Musical Creativity


HOME – BLOG How to Boost Your Musical Creativity November 7, 2022 Howard Have you ever sat down wanting to create music but hit a dead end as you had no inspiration, drive or creativity? This problem is quite common as sometimes the creator needs to be in the right mood to work their best. […]

Great Music Quotes


HOME – BLOG Great Music Quotes August 15, 2022 Howard Here’s a list of my favourite great music quotes that teach you some valuable lessons, and they are awesome inspiration! “Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein Creativity and intelligence are not separate things! The best thinkers are those who constantly ask themselves, “what if?” […]

Best Music Theory Books


HOME – BLOG Best Music Theory Books August 15, 2022 Howard Knowledge is power when it comes to most things in life, but it is certainly true in music. If we consider the process behind learning how to speak a language, you would want to know the letters, words and phrasing before attempting to speak […]