Lily Allen – Smile | BASS Guitar Cover (Rocksmith CDLC 100%)

Live on Twitch Sun, Tues, and Thurs 7-9pm EST taking requests in Rocksmith! Bass covers/tabs released EVERY DAY on YouTube! Bass covers of popular songs or your favorite obscure bands- I will play everything!

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Q: What’s the game?
A: Rocksmith 2014 (w/ Rocksmith songs imported)

Get it for PC on Steam, or:

PC Hard Copy ►►
XBox One ►►
XBox 360 ►►
PS4 ►►

You will need either an audio interface or the Real Tone cable to play:

Real Tone Cable ►► or

Q: What’s the tuning/key for the song?
A: There are several options for this!

check the bottom middle of the score display on the right!

Check the score screen that appears at the end of the video (It appears below the song artist/title).

Q: Can I make a request?
A: Yes! If you would like to make a request please join my Twitch stream ( where I take requests all the time! Alternatively, you can become a Patron on Patreon (, in which case you can submit a request as part of your tier rewards!

I *do not* take requests from YouTube comments or unsolicited messages to my social media accounts!

Q: When do you stream?
A: Rocksmith Bass streams are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays between 7-9pm EST; I sometimes stream other games on other days!

Q: How do you find/use custom tabs?
A: Please look up CustomsForge!

Q: Are these charts available as Tabs/GuitarPro tabs?
A: Text tabs are unavailable, but I very occassionally add the GuitarPro tabs to a shared Google Drive @

Q: How do you get a black background/remove UI elements?
A: I use RSMods ( and an image mask in OBS to accomplish this!

Q: How do you display the song info?
A. Another mod. Rocksniffer (

Q: What’s equipment do you own?

A: See below! Where the item is no longer available, I suggest alternatives in parenthesis or Reverb link for resale.

LTD B-50 ►►
(w/ DR Strings Neon Strings ►►

Customized Squier Affinity P-Bass (Purple) ►► (PJ Starter pack, similar)
Dimarzio DP127W Pickups ►►

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass ►►

Ibanez Affirma 5-string in Walnut ►►

Solo Guitars JBK-1 (Natural Walnut Finish) ►► (JBK – 10)

Customized Solo Guitars JBK-10 (Purple and Gold): (JBK – 10
Gotoh 201 B4 Bridge ►►
Gotoh GB2 Tuners ►► (in gold)
Optima Gold Bass Strings ►►
BassMods REJ4 pickups ►►

Epiphone SG Pro ►► (similar)
Customized Jay Turser Stratocaster ►► (Squier, recommended substitute)

Digitech Bass Whammy ►►

Roland Juno 106 ►►
Yamaha DX7ii-d ►►
Behringer Model D ►►
Ableton Push 2 ►►
Akai APC40 ►►

Pioneer DDJ SX2 ►► (SX3 revision)
Focusrite 18i20 ►► (Gen 3 revision)
Behringer U-Phoria UM2 ►►


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