Beginner Funk Bass Made Simple (Bootsy’s Funk Formula)

You can be a total beginner, know no theory, and still use this formula to kill it with beginner funk bass and beyond.
0:00 – Even Beginners Can Get Funky
0:46 – Feeling “The One”
3:02 – Bootsy Talks About “The One”
5:27 – Funk Groove Tutorial
8:18 – Slow Playalong
9:20 – Using the Funk Box
10:40 – Medium playalong
11:21 – Full playalong
13:14 – Try Out the Funk Box Yourself

Play-along track with no bass:

Bootsy Collins is the legendary bass player who played with James Brown, and then Parliament-Funkadelic and Bootsy’s Rubber Band. His “funk formula” came from his experience working with James Brown and learning about “the one”, which he developed further with his later project.

In this video I’ve broken down the formula to work even for beginner funk bass, so that you don’t have to guess if you’re doing it right or not. I’ll talk about what “on the one” actually means, how Bootsy defines it and how we can use it to sound funkier.

I’ll also show you a cool fretboard shape called the Funk Box, which will give you quick access to some notes that will sound funky on almost anythang.

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