Basic Bass Plucking Technique (Beginner Bass Basics)

The bass plucking technique that 90+% of the pros use – demystified.
0:00 How to Pluck the Bass
1:06 Pull Across, Not Up
2:35 Play-Along Sneak Peek
4:18 How to Play the Groove
5:45 Slow Play-Along
6:37 Medium Play-Along
7:25 Full Play-Along

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Getting your bass plucking technique dialed isn’t complicated – but it’s crucial if you want to get a good tone and be able to play cool s***.

I’ll get you started with where to place your thumb, which is the anchor that keeps your plucking hand where it needs to be (and helps you mute unwanted string noise).

Then we’ll talk over the basics of alternating plucking, which is the main plucking technique that bass players have used for the last few decades.

I’ll also show you how to pull across, not up, which keeps your tone solid, so you don’t sound like a beginner. (even if you are one – I won’t tell :P)

And then we’ll jump into a disco-funk-tastic playalong where you can make sure you’re plucking the right way.

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