Basic Bass Fretting Technique (Beginner Bass Basics)

Skip the bad habits and nail your bass fretting technique from the start.
0:00 – Intro Jam
0:22 – Fretting Basics
1:28 – Where to Press on the Fret
2:05 – The Goal of Good Fretting Technique
3:29 – The Right Way to use “Up” and “Down” on Bass
5:04 – Play-Along Sneak Peek
5:28 – How to Play the Groove
10:07 – Slow Play-Along
10:59 – Medium Play-Along
11:37 – Full Play-Along

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In this beginner lesson I’ll walk you through all the basics of good left hand technique (or right hand, if you’re playing left handed!), plus we’ll play some music together at the end with your killer new fretting technique.

Most beginners get this stuff wrong without a good teacher, so I’ll walk you in detail through what angle to put your fingers, which fingers to use, where to press on the fret, and more.

I’ll also tell you how guitar and bass players use the words “up” and “down” when fretting – it’s the opposite of what most people think.

Then we’ll apply everything you learned to a weird indie-prog-fusion play-along. Let’s do it.

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