Studio Recordings

This page features great live music studio recordings. Including the fantastic John Gallen sessions and other live performances in the videos below. 

All of these recordings feature raw talent from musicians captured live in the studio! 

John Gallen Studio Recordings

I can’t say how much fun taking part in these recordings were! 

These studio recordings were all made during my two years studying music at university, where the recording maestro himself, John Gallen, captured us playing live (with minimal overdubs!). Careful thought was taken at every aspect of the recording process, where mic placement, instrument timbre, tone and band togetherness was conspicuously inspected from the delicate ears of John.

It was without a doubt the best thing I took part in at University and I certainly gained some invaluable studio experience! Theres something special when music is captured live and I hope you agree as you enjoy listening through the recordings!

If you're liking what you're hearing, please consider hiring me to record for your studio recording session!

Or, I have a remote recording business where you can send me your tracks from anywhere in the world, and i can enjoy recording some beautiful bass to it, to fit the sound you want!


23 Nov, 2018
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